Our Approach

We democratise access to credit.

Two thirds of people in emerging markets have no bank account or financial history. We apply technology to provide them financial freedom.



TuTasa provides instant loans up to $10,000 at competitive rates. Borrowers can pay their monthly instalments in up to 24 months.



Finpros allows borrowers to fill in one form to receive financial offers from multiple lenders purpose fit to their needs, saving the borrower time and money from calling each lender.



We stay at the fore-front of the industry researching into new ways to extend financial inclusion, including machine learning techniques for voice and image recognition to name a few.



Our advanced credit scoring analyses the digital footprint of the borrower, applying machine learning techniques to find patterns across thousands of alternative data points online.

We deliver excellence

At TuTasa we do care about details. We combine beautiful designs with functional tools for a remarkable user experience cross-platforms.

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The Team

Meet the Team

Juan Ruiz


Juan combines a unique financial and commercial skill-set to come up with strategies that work. Argentine born, he has the entrepreneurial DNA rare to find in a post-graduate financier who build up his career within multinational firms. He has a clinical risk/reward mind-set, critical for capital allocation cross-sections to make businesses grow at any stage. His duty goes well beyond financial services, with core competencies in risk management and compliance.

Diego Guidobono


Diego is at the heart of our operations, where computing and finance meet. Uruguayan born, he is a singular case of a postgraduate computer scientist with commercial skills. His extensive expertise in the financial industry and pragmatic engineering mindset are like bread and butter when it comes to executing our expanding Fintech products.

Juan Pablo Garbora

Senior Software Engineer

Juan Pablo is like rocket fuel, propelling our tech powerhouse to achieve ambitious goals, faster. Uruguayan born, Spanish resident, his mastery in computer science with strong expertise in the financial sector have helped to engineer TuTasa’s micro service architecture, which now flourishes in multiple countries. JP is at the beating heart of our strategy to build the next generation of TuTasa’s Fintech portfolio, stacking trends that provide us with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Ana Santillana

Head of Content

Ana’s stories inspire the masses. Mexican born, global citizen, Ana’s extensive marketing and story-telling background has transformed our branding into a desirable content hub with thousands of followers in multiple countries. Ana is the voice of our Group, inspiring our audiences with both meaningful and educational content that can create lasting impact, championing our corporate motto.

Sebastian Carchidi

Country Manager - Argentina

Sebastian knows Argentina’s financial industry like the back of his hand, providing TuTasa with clear intel and adequate governance to maximise opportunities in challenging conditions. As Chartered Accountant he plays by the numbers. His profound business coherence and charismatic personality catapulted his career into top tier financial institutions, spanning across multiple sectors, from risk management to operations and sales. He is responsible of TuTasa’s local growth strategy and underwriting, dealing with stakeholders to deliver the corporate mandate.

Edmundo Valdes

Director (Mexico)

Edmundo has been sharing boardroom for decades with some of the most influential families in Mexican history. His latest focus on impact investment is aligned with TuTasa’s financial inclusion goals, igniting a close partnership to provide fair financial services to millions of unbanked Mexicans.

Marcelo Barreneche

Business Director

Marcelo eats, sleeps and breathes business. He was born in Uruguay – moved to London in 2010 to set up Join Universe, complete his MBA and form a beautiful family. Following his serial-entrepreneurial instincts, he transformed Join Universe from a digital agency into a Fintech Group to better lead and finance all the projects he looked forward to build, notably TuTasa.


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